Retro games: Donkey kong arcade vs. Bazooka joe rapid rescue

Old games were already very interesting for a lot of people back then and are still very cool today. There are many people who collect old games and are very happy about retro and arcade games. That’s why there are so many games that are designed like the old games. Many try to redesign the successful old games with the same gameplay, so to speak, as a remake with different elements. But of course, it’s not the same as the original old games. In this article, we will show you the games donkey kong arcade and the remake of DK, bazooka joe rapid rescue. Find this interesting? Read the Best video games movies list.

The principle of both games

The gameplay of Donkey Kong Arcade should be familiar to most. Mario always has to run up a tower or climb the ladders while avoiding objects rolling down. The goal is to defeat Donkey Kong above because he kidnapped Pauline and to free her. In the case of bazooka joe rapid rescue, Mario is bazooka joe and donkey kong is an evil robot. Bazooka Joe always has to climb a tower and avoid objects rolling down. As a reward, he always gets a bazooka joe gum upstairs. Actually, bazooka joe rapid rescue is simply a remake of donkey kong, which was actually intended as an advertisement for this chewing gum.

Who is bazooka joe and what was this advertising?

Bazooka Joe is a comic character known from the old bazooka chewing gum. He is one of the most famous american advertising characters of the 20th century. There was additionally always a saying in the comic as you know it from fortune cookies and you could also win a baseball cap if you had 500 bazooka comic strips.

In 2012 they announced that the comic would no longer be in the chewing gum because not so many units were sold. The new packaging had new things with it. This is how bazooka joe rapid rescue came into being and a few other bazooka joe games that you can still play today. Each new packaging had a code with which you could unlock videos or video games.


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