10 Amazing Internet Hacks To Make Your Life Better

This can be very annoying if ISPs have slow connections. The inability to watch high-resolution movies or slow downloads and broken links in real-time streaming while playing video games can ruin the online experience. Fiber Optic Internet is one of the fastest Internet transmission technologies and can be used. Choosing the best Internet service for you depends on the Internet service providers available in your country. You must know the country code and the internet services available near you. Determine how fast the service is and how much you spend.

Internet Hacks To Make Your Life Better
Internet Hacks To Make Your Life Better

Frequently turning off the technical device advice is a frequent start, as it can sometimes resolve the problem. You can manually unplug and reconnect the router. Pressing the power button is usually done on the back of the device, or you log in to the router through a browser and turn it off. DNS is similar to an Internet phone book, and the name of a site (such as Lifewire.com) is similar to the specific computer hosting the site. When you try to access a Web site, your computer must search for addresses. Choosing a DNS server can affect how quickly the Web site loads. In the network settings for computers, routers, or access points, you can specify the primary and secondary DNS servers to use. They may be compiled by default by your Internet service provider, but they may be faster. This information is a DNS entry. If a website is moved to a server and you need a redirect, DNS records can be a faster hindrance than a better one. The remarkable internet drudges to make your life better are as follows:

  1. Log out slightly from your Facebook account

Sometimes we use someone else’s smartphone, computer, or even another laptop to check our Facebook updates on the Internet, and we get worried when we find ourselves forgetting to log out of their device. In this case, simply click on the Settings tab in the FB page, select “Security” and finally click on “Where you are logged in”. You will then be automatically logged out of all other unwanted devices on which your FB profile is still open.

  1. Look for things with incomplete sentences

You spend a few minutes on Google searching for your favorite quote without realizing it. Although the search information you retrieve is incomplete, you’ll need to include an asterisk (*) for each word you cannot retrieve and put the first or last word in quotation marks for immediate results. Ultimately, intelligent search engines deliver the relevant results you want to see.

  1. How to know if a site is secure or not?

There are so many websites if you want to know the site is protected you should copy the URL and paste it into the address bar. Be careful before sharing personal information (such as credit card numbers, passwords, addresses, etc.). It is absolutely important to check the security of your website. Make sure that every website you visit uses HTTPS to protect your website. HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) is the basic protocol for sending data between a web browser and the website you are visiting. HTTPS is just a safe version of this version. This will help you to determine if a particular website can be safely updated.

Modern web browsers offer advanced privacy modes that allow you to surf the web without saving cookies, saving your browsing history, or sending tracking information to the websites you visit. Website information on your computer is forgotten when you close the private window. The next time you use these websites, your private browser session never seems to have occurred. This privacy feature is referred to as “incognito mode” in Google Chrome and “private browsing” in Firefox. Other browsers have slightly different names for this mode, but the functionality is usually the same for all browsers. In private mode or incognito mode, no browsing history is permanently stored on your computer. However, this does not mean that you are anonymous on the internet. On every page you visit, your IP address can still be identified. If someone is able to view your IP address history for legal purposes, you can use an ISP, website, or even a search engine server protocol to track you.

  1. Mute the Gmail intimidation

Mute the conversation in Gmail. Your inbox will show no more messages about this conversation. Any emails added to the conversation after mute will be saved to your Gmail account but automatically archived. You can continue to browse the conversation to see new messages. Silence is a convenient way to hide personal messages in the office and prevent colleagues from talking about specific projects. To mute a conversation in Gmail, open the conversation and click the more drop-down menu. Any new messages sent to the conversation topic will not appear in the Inbox but will be added to the archive. The thread only reappears when new messages in the conversation are sent to you, or when your e-mail address is appended or Cc boxes. Any other filters you specify that match the conversation will continue to apply.

  1. Make your browser a notepad

Notepads applications are not missing on all computers. There are also many browser extensions that allow you to take notes in your browser. Here’s a simple trick that can turn your browser into a simple notepad without downloading third-party extensions or applications. Just open a new tab in your browser, type the following in the address bar, and press Enter. Data: text / html, <html contenteditable>

Now click on the empty content area to move the cursor and start typing.

Your browser will create a blank HTML page with only one editable element similar to an input field but without borders. You can only add or remove plain text, meaning that formatting is not possible (bold, italic, underline, bullet, etc.). Although the spell checker is enabled in the browser, it is still available. This trick works in both Firefox and Chrome, but not in IE.

  1. Connect antivirus software

It’s possible that something downloaded gets removed and the malware gets on your computer. Generally, malware steals your bandwidth, which slows down the Internet service provider. If you’ve already used anti-virus software, you need to make sure that secure information like passwords and bank account information not only slows down your internet connection but can also endanger you. Viruses are usually spread through your browser. Therefore, it is important to protect this area. Your first step should be anti-virus software, but you can make it easier to work with a secure browser.

  1. YouTube videos in slow motion

There are two ways to play YouTube videos in slow motion. They are very simple and can play almost any video online. You can change the video speed with the YouTube video player. Slow-motion videos become boring but you can control everything. In full-frame playback, you can search any video at twice the playback speed. There are so many professional video editing tools, users can easily edit and create videos. It has many basic editing tools, such as speed adjustment, to create slow-motion effects. It lets you create and play YouTube videos in slow motion. Well, the easiest way to play the video in slow motion is just tapping the space bar and the video will play in slow motion.

  1. Exposed a tab that has shut suddenly

Occasionally, when we change among dissimilar open tabs in the browser, we unintentionally tick on the cross (X), which ends the tabs. This is a problem Google Chrome users often encounter because the browser does not yet have tab overflow functionality available in Firefox and Internet Explorer. You can use keyboard shortcuts to get tabs that close unexpectedly. Click Ctrl, Shift, T, on the same time or right-click the tab bar and tick Revive Shut Tabs. A new tab opens and loads the same web page you recently closed by mistake. Pressing Ctrl + Shift + T again opens the temporarily closed tab.

  1. Usage of Google Timetable

To make a new datebook, tick on the small plus sign (+) next to “My Calendar” and you will get the selection “New Calendar”. Select this alternative, name your new calendar, give it a little report like your country code and a time zone of your country, and insert your name – you have a diverse calendar. Sometimes, meetings that you host or participate in are naturally sensitive. But remember, closing doors is not the only way to find out what’s going on inside. The details of events in Google Calendar can also show you more of what you want.

  1. Live Streaming on your mobile phones

You can watch live streaming through spectrum Internet. You can download the application and watch anything on your mobile phone. Spectrum Internet offers so many benefits. You can enjoy your favorite shows and movies on your mobile phone easily.

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