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Prize Fiesta: Tips to increase your chances of winning

Here is Prize Fiesta! A game created by Full Game Ahead. This game is super lit for the fact that it lets the players win diverse prizes without investing any money. While playing, you will learn more about how you can improve your ability to use the game that will increase your chances of winning.

Prize Fiesta’s advice for you:

We can consider Prize Fiesta as a reasonably simple game that gives you the chance to win many prizes that are sent immediately to the winner’s address. Many groups on social networks and forums are fully devoted to the game. In the first place, Prize Fiesta runs in line with a simple system: you must match at least three similar objects. The difficulty level increases as you progress in playing. However, all the interest lies in the challenges. The main idea is that the more you progress in the game, the more your piggy bank gets fatter.

The main things that must be understood before starting your adventure on Prize Fiesta are:

  • Match shapes and similar objects.
  • Reduce as much as possible the number of moves.
  • Spread out pink jelly all over in order to win.
  • Collect as many mushrooms as you can.
  • Make your piggy bank FULL of cash $$$.
  • Pay a tiny visit fee to the dwarf every day to get some bonus prizes!

Regarding the basic techniques for winning prizes, the most effective methods are as follows:

  • Play at the bottom of the board to create more combinations.
  • Get some special coins from squares that contain objects.
  • Take advantage of the jokers as soon as they show up, instead of looking for great combos at all costs.
  • Put the destruction and mobility of obstacles above the difficulty level.
  • Open the SPIN space daily to win some free gems.

How to get gifts on Prize Fiesta?

Remember, the reward system for Prize Fiesta is determined by loyalty. In other words, the more you play, the more you can win prizes. The bonus distribution system can work in two ways:

  1. Prize Fiesta’s sweepstakes:

As the name suggests, advertising sweepstakes is a matter of chance that no one can directly affect. Nevertheless, it may increase your chances. You do not have to be a professional to win big prizes, but it is important to play the game regularly. Please take a note: every player will automatically get a supplementary entrance to the sweepstakes every 7 minutes of play. After winning the prize through the promotional sweepstakes, nothing happens in the gift cave: the player will receive a message informing them of their victory in an automated way.

  1. The Prize Fiesta reward program:

In programs that reward loyalty to the game over everything, luck is not important. Players can use pigs and exchange prizes for “prize points”. The goal is to try to gain as many bonus points as possible by playing for more than ten minutes a day or by sharing on Facebook and sending friend requests. Furthermore, the amount that a player can redeem when buying gems increases considerably.

For the sake of keeping it simple, we can calculate that a purchase of $0.99 every two weeks will triple the winning process. Buying $9.99 every two weeks will speed up the winning process by 35 times. This will also enable players to obtain crowns and receive gifts at a lower cost.

Advice to win in a fast way:

  • In the reward cave, choose only one reward and always use it.
  • Do not waste your reward points for the ones you are dreaming of.
  • If you do not pay at all, it will obviously take longer to win free prizes. However, if you play for more than 20 minutes a day, this time will be reduced. In this case, promotional sweepstakes tickets may be faster because you can win at any time.

Other advice on how to win at Prize Fiesta:

Winning prizes through this game is a three-step process that includes accumulating an amount of $750 in the piggy bank in order to open the cave (you can also use “reward points” to open it). You must then use these points or virtual dollars to unlock the gift of your choice. Finally, you must paint the last gift painting in pink color.

It is easy to say, but it takes some time to collect dollars and “reward points” at Prize Fiesta. Therefore, you must play often, avoid failure, and accumulate enough gems (available for free). In other terms, by spending a little time playing, you will eventually get what you deserve!

How can you have some gems without paying on prize fiesta?

In the prize fiesta game, green rubies are called “gems” and can play a role in increasing your chance of winning. In fact, they are useful for not backing down when losses occur in the game. They are also used to reactivate the bunch of mushrooms. That is why it is always useful to have some gems in your credit to maintain your level.

To get more gems for free, you must play a spin game, participate in three races a week, and open the daily free bonus. In addition, these bonuses and contests also enable you to win tokens, piggy bank dollars, and mushrooms. The number of gems that can be obtained in this way and can become very large in the end.

In the gift cave, you can also win 3 massive “gems packs” for free. These packages are very important and can become real gem prizes. The number of gems could be important for your search for gifts.

How to open the gift cave fast?

In the purpose of opening the gift cave as quickly as possible, players must draw on the discounts often given in the game. In addition, you must increase the game time in triple mode to collect more mushrooms faster and use free gems at the right time. It is advised that you play at a high level because they allow you to win a bunch of mushrooms and participate in weekly contests to get many free rewards.

Particularly, at the sixth level, make sure that the prepared combination is shown in pink from the beginning of the game. You have to look for a combination of four or more pieces including mushrooms, and then combine the stripes together or match the clown during the first five moves.

Finally, for the seventh level, you must carefully match a cage from top to bottom, as this increases the chance of completing the board before the movement runs out. Players will need to make jokes or striped mushrooms with striped gifts to win faster!

In short, the game provides much more free bonuses than ordinary games, so it is very easy to win with “Prize Fiesta!”

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