Top 5 most innovative and coolest speakers

Choosing a speaker can decide whether you can enjoy your favorite music to the fullest or whether you are constantly annoyed by the poor quality of the sound reproduction. Depending on the manufacturer and model, there can be significant differences in the quality of speakers and the search for the best models on the market can be more than difficult. But today we are not looking for the best quality but for the coolness of the product.

  1. The most beautiful speaker

A loudspeaker disguised as a rose. With the light and the glass, this is the perfect speaker for a romantic date, but it is also very beautiful as a decoration. Very suitable for people who value romance and esthetics.

2. The most innovative speaker

The perfect speaker for technology enthusiasts. Thanks to the magnet technology, the UFO floats in the air and rotates in a circle. The weak point of this product is the short battery life that all wireless devices have. However, you can solve this problem with wireless charging, which the product supports.

3. The most useful speaker

The next speaker is one of the most useful. The loudspeaker combines a stylish lamp with a loudspeaker and a wireless charging station disguised as an interior. It has a wooden style and is perfect for the bedside table or for the office.

4. A speaker disguised as decoration

The loudspeaker is in a book that is also a lamp. It lights up when you turn it on and stops again when you close it. It is a beautiful piece as a decoration as well as a lamp. The book can be recharged and can then be taken with you if you want.

5. The best speaker for kids

The speaker is designed as an astronaut and therefore perfect for every children’s room. The loudspeaker also has a microphone so that the children can play with it and sing their own songs. It is small and portable and easy to use.

These were our top 5 coolest speakers. They are definitely not for people who want crystal clear sound but for those who want a look and the coolness of the product. There were definitely some great ideas here and maybe something that you liked.


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