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What is a Pre-Attached Tent Frame?

These are indeed self-descriptive, but not always self-explanatory. They are basically tents that don’t utilize any excess parts or complicated pitching instructions. With minimal attachments and tent poles to set up.

Named ‘pre-attached’ because it is constructed prior to being sold commercially on the markets, fitted together and sealed at the manufacturer’s factory.

The focus is to provide a structure that erects simultaneously, alleviating any need to build the structure yourself with tent pole. The result is, an ‘instant’ structure that sets up with minimal effort instantaneously.

The process is to then attach tent lining to the framework, using durable and waterproof material for best effect. Rain flys and tent pegs can be secured after the tents frame is opened up and secured.

Generally, to pitch there will be a pull cord or handle, normally located on the center hub, but not always. Usually pulling the hub upwards and this will extend the frame outwards at the same time. You keep pulling until the framework ‘clicks’ this means the frame poles have extended to maximum capacity and are now secured.

You can see mention of this process in any CORE 9 person tent review on the internet, and you can see the same specifications as mentioned above, it’s an excellent example of efficient engineering.

How of course, they aren’t without their faults. Due to the requirements of the manufacture, they don’t come in such larger sizes as a regular tent and can normally be slightly higher in price, due to the efficiency of them.

Any product on today’s market that is more efficient or time saving than others, will always be more expensive, that’s a given. The variety is good though, they have dome, cabin and regular options available. There are even screened tent versions with awnings, canopies and dividers.

A direct result of increasing popularity is the production of variety, now in 2019 there are more options than ever before. With the titans of camping like Coleman, CORE and Ozark Trail jumping in the mix and pumping out various different modes and sizes.

This again causes another issue for shoppers; how do you begin to know which one is good for you or the right one to buy. I too had this issue before buying my CORE 10 person model, I found the article on to be insanely helpful when I was in the buying phase of a pre-attached tent.

It was also pretty insightful to how they are made and the materials used in production, it also helped whittle down the ones actually worth our time out of hundreds/thousands of models on the market.

Give it a try and let us know what you think of pre-attached frame tents.

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