Top 8 role-playing games for mobile phones

Playing role-playing games on your smartphone is not possible? These mobile games prove you wrong.

Collect legendary weapons and armor, level up and distribute skill points, shred hordes of monsters or enjoy an epic story. This works on PC and on console, but does it work on the smartphone too? That calls out for fiddly controls and a lack of immersion. Nonetheless, the smartphone games on our list show how an RPG or action role-playing game works properly on a smartphone.

The best role-playing games and RPGs

BattleChasers: NightWar

Platform: Android / iOS
Financing: one-time payment

Nice JRPG with dungeons and a gripping story. Compete as a group of heroes in turn-based battles against numerous opponents, craft equipment, solve puzzles and listen to the atmospheric soundtrack while you explore an extensive world.


Platform: Android / iOS
Funding: free / advertising / in-game purchases

Fun Diablo-style action RPG. Slice your way through hordes of monsters, equip yourself with powerful items and improve your skills. There is a choice of three hero classes with 20 skills, plus different companions and an exciting story.

Old School RuneScape

Platform: Android / iOS
Financing: free / subscription

As the name suggests, this role-playing game is based on the classic MMORPG. The game is free, but subscription users can look forward to a larger world, eight additional skills, and more tasks. Collect powerful items and tons of osrs gold to become the best.

Titan Quest

Platform: Android / iOS
Financing: one-time payment

Classic monster slices are waiting for you in the mobile version of the PC game Titan Quest. A huge open world, 80 different opponents, over 1200 objects, 30 character classes, and 150 character skills need to be explored, conquered, found, and played.

D&D Style Medieval Fantasy RPG

Platform: Android
Funding: free / in-game purchases

Old D&D school text RPG. There are four characters to choose from, with whom you have to make important decisions in order to achieve success. The smartphone game was developed seven years and contains more than a million words.


Platform: Android
Funding: free / in-game purchases

Classic hack ’n‘ slay in the style of Diablo with a similarly gloomy soundtrack that, in addition to numerous quests and chic 3D graphics, manages without commercial breaks. Slice your way through hordes of monsters, collect items, and use powerful spells to survive over 40 levels and exciting boss fights.

Vampire’s Fall: Origins RPG

Platform: Android / iOS
Funding: Free / In-Game Purchases / F2P

Classic old-school RPG with tactical battles, numerous items, huge map, hidden treasures, and a multitude of skills. Explore magical forests, abandoned villages, or ghostly mines and face dark fantasy monsters.


Platform: Android / iOS
Funding: Free / In-Game Purchases / F2P

The completely new FINAL FANTASY game for smartphones. Fight interactive battles, combine magical skills, and look forward to pretty CGI animations. In addition to dungeons, exciting arena PvP battles await you.

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