Top 3 cpu cooler for Ryzen 7 3700x

Which is the best CPU cooler for Ryzen 7 3700x? Our CPU comparison shows you that If you overclock your processor, build a super-quiet PC, or just want to get the most out of your gaming PC, then you cannot avoid a good CPU cooler. Because standard boxed coolers get very warm quickly and, above all, loud when the CPU is loaded a little more.

Noctua NH-D15: The best CPU cooler in terms of price-performance

Our recommendation for the best CPU cooler 2021: Still the Noctua NH-D15. The predecessor had already received over 350 international awards from leading hardware magazines around the globe, the D15 is based on the same concept and even improves it. Particularly noteworthy are the high cooling efficiency and improved heat distribution due to the greater spacing of the lamellas. Noctua’s Tower CPU cooler is designed for low temperatures with low noise levels at the same time. Therefore it doesn’t matter if you want to overclock or if your PC should just run smoothly. The fans support PWM, so you can control the fan speed manually.

be quiet Dark Rock 4: Quietest single tower

Where it can really score is the noise level. With 31 dbA under load, it really is one of the quietest CPU coolers on the market.

The newer Dark Rock 4 offers a very nice combination of aesthetics, fantastic acoustics, and a very reasonable cooling performance. Therefore, the Dark Rock 4 is aimed at people who want a really quiet CPU cooler and don’t expect an overclockable beast (even if it is still able to do so).

Although you can overclock with the Dark Rock 4, we would not necessarily advise you to do so with absolute high-end processors like a Ryzen 7 3700x. If you stick to this concept, every modern processor will be cooled to appropriate values ​​with this cooler. And the best part is that he is completely silent while doing it.

Deepcool Assassin III: Most powerful CPU cooler

In terms of cooling performance, the Assassin III initially only beats the Noctua DH-15 by 1-2 ° C. Where the Assassin III really kills the Noctua, however, is in the case performance, when the GPU load, heat and higher CPU clocks (Ryzen 7 3700x at 4.4 GHz) come into play. In these scenarios, the Assassin takes the Noctua down by up to 7 ° C due to the high cooling capacity. However, the Assassin III is a good 2 dbA louder under load.

The Assassin III is also a winner from an aesthetic point of view – the combination of polished cooling fins and black fans gives it the decisive advantage over the brown Noctua-D15. The high processing quality of the Assassin III is also convincing: The materials used, the nickel plating, and the fans are all of very high quality.


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