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The top 5 worst champions you shouldnt pick

Only rarely do you see champions like Veigar, Zilean, and Co in champion select. And if they do, usually someone leaves the game before this catastrophe occurs, it’s a troll or you’re playing ARAM. But what actually makes them so bad?
First of all, it has to be said: Of course, it is possible to win games with these champions or even to have a positive win rate. Usually, however, such champions are more likely to lose in a matchup against meta champions. So if you want to climb you should know who not to pick or you could also just use League of Legends boosting service.

Zilean for example was a popular pick in Season 4. Due to his easy play style, which consisted mostly of “point and click”, you could get him through the laning phase well, later in the game use the time shift (R) to shoot his shooter to rescue. But since Riot made some changes to the bearded man, he’s been seen less and less. This was largely due to the change in his Time Bomb (Q). While you used to be able to stick this to enemies with a mouse click, it’s now a skill shot where the bomb sticks to the closest enemy. Above all, his role as an annoying mid-opponent has been lost. In addition, his Time Shift cooldown has been increased, which only weakens him even more.

Bard also performs poorly. Especially in the single ranked queue, he is not a recommended champion as it requires an extreme amount of teamwork and synergy to master this character. And even then, there are few people who play it. In the professional field, he is hardly seen at all. With the faceless but good-natured support, Riot clearly has a harder time buffing their new darling. His abilities require extreme accuracy, and even a Pausing (R) can drastically change the game. So if you prefer to save yourself the nagging, you should definitely choose a different support.

Veigar even though the little bugger has so many nice skins, people hardly get to brag about them. He is also one of the worst champions in League of Legends because he was also extremely weakened by Riot. Its event horizon now only occurs after 0.5 seconds, which gives opponents a lot of time to avoid it. Since Veigar relies heavily on his combo, he has become almost entirely useless.

Brand not only has no mobility. He’s also pretty damn bad against champions who have sprint. Because like Veigar, Brand needs his combination of E-Q-W to do maximum damage and use the stun. In order to hit the scorch (Q), the opponent must be either AFK or have the reaction time of a stone. In addition, he himself has no abilities that can help him escape or reposition.

Taric is a very one-dimensional and easy-to-read champion. The only reasons to play this champion are its stun and passive armor increase. However, the blinding (E) buzzes towards the opponent at the speed of a housefly and also has an extremely short range. Unlike the other meta champions, Taric is simply one of the worst supports. The only reason people play him from time to time is probably his Rose Quartz Taric skin.

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