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The Cosmic Staff Is Wielded Once More in DC’s Stargirl

In superhero stories, the weapon can be just as famous as the hero himself. Such is the case of the Cosmic Staff that struggling teen Courtney Whitmore finds in her stepfather’s basement in DC’s Stargirl.

The teen-centered drama, inspired by Geoff Johns focuses on the struggles of high school kids who not only get to worry about peer pressure and schoolwork but also battle supervillains determined to destroy the world. That’s a heavy load for a group of kids still in their teens.

Fortunately, they have good mentors and cool superhero weapons.

The Cosmic Staff

Like many superhero tools, the Cosmic Staff was developed by a wealthy scientist, in this case, Ted Knight. This amazing weapon draws stellar energy from space and enabled Ted to project energy (think blow up things) and even fly. When Ted reached retirement age, he passed the Cosmic Staff first to his oldest son David who was tragically murdered. The cosmic weapon then went to his youngest son Jack who became Starman and a member of the Justice Society of America also known as the JSA.

The Cosmic Staff and Courtney

Courtney makes plenty of mistakes when she crosses paths with the staff, including blowing up a car. She’s impulsive and insecure just like most teens, but she eventually rises above those struggles and proves herself worthy of carrying the Cosmic Staff. When she does, Jack passes on his goggles and signature jacket.

DC’s Stargirl Season 2 Struggles

Courtney is a delightfully flawed human being, and the road from awkward teen to superhero has plenty of bumps to make things interesting. She struggles with jealousy when she meets foster child Jennie, who happens to be the daughter of The Green Lantern. Courtney’s father was an ordinary man who rejected her to boot. Courtney can’t shake the hurt and feelings of inadequacy. Is she good enough? Does she truly deserve to wield the Cosmic Staff?

That and the challenge of facing Eclipso, a terrifying supervillain who feeds on one’s doubts, and you’ve got enough stress to make any normal teen dive into the ice cream and potato chips.

DC’s Stargirl Season 3

Expect more character struggles and heartaches in Season 3, along with the potential for redemption. Deadly supervillain Sportsmaster return along with his Injustice Society of America member wife Tigress. They showed true tenderness in Season 2. Will their love for their daughter redeem them?

Whatever happens, the ride will be a blast.

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