There are many benefits to sealing your food up in bags the air has been sucked out of, the most important of which is the fact that food preserved in this manner lasts and keeps its freshness much longer since moisture and harmful bacteria are kept out while the food’s own flavor remains preserved.

This effect can be enhanced even further by freeze-drying the food first and then placing it into a vacuum bag.

Making it last

Extending your food’s longevity in this manner is easy.

First, you’ll need to have appropriate bags handy. It’s best to use the ones that are recommended by your model’s manufacturer since they go hand in hand with each other. Some sealers allow for any kind of bag to be used, but check whether this is true for your model just to be sure since not every sealer can accommodate every bag size.

Most bags come rolled up and are sealed only at the sides while the top and bottom are created once you actually need it. Place the bag roll inside the machine and roll it out until you have the desired length.

Your sealer should have a built-in cutting knife you can use to cut an even piece out of the bag roll. Once that is taken care of, place one end of the bag inside the appropriate slot in the machine and seal it. Make sure that the seal holds and that there is ample room in the bag.

Now that you’ve made the bottom, it is time to put the food in. How you handle this part is mostly up to personal preference, but it might be a good idea to make roughly equal, portion-sized bags you can open up later and have the exact amount of ingredients for a specific meal handy. You can weigh the food beforehand if you’re so inclined, or use your best judgement if the portion size isn’t that important.

Once the food has been portioned out, repeat the step outlined above to completely seal the bag up. Some models automatically proceed to suck the air out of the bag if you’ve specified that this is the last side that needs to be sealed. If your model doesn’t have that feature, give the bag a good squeeze before vacuuming to ensure that there are no holes in it.

And there you have it – perfectly preserved food that will keep much longer than usual. You don’t need to limit yourself to that however. You can preserve much more than just food, provided it can fit inside the bag. Resealing chip bags, sealing important documents or supplies, and even linens are all exciting new options  you can play around with. Take a look at some of the best vacuum sealers on the market today and never worry about spoiled food again.