Oftentimes, we try way too hard and look for fancy gifts that may or may not be that effective is creating a special atmosphere. I’m sure he’ll appreciate your efforts but the most important tip I can give to anyone is that spend a little bit of time with your Dad. A lot of people don’t realize this but time spend with your Dad is often the best Father’s day gift.

So, instead of going all out and doing your research on the best possible gift, try and plan some activities and spend the entire day with him. Whether that be fishing or carrying out any other activity that he is fond of.

You also need to remember that Dad’s love eating and a BBQ is usually at the top of this list. Why not pull out your Dad’s favorite electric smoker and spend the day fishing, cooking and eating with him? Just having the day with your father will make him appreciate your relationship a lot more.

When it comes to using that electric smoker and smoking food in general, your father probably has a favorite dish that he hasn’t tried or would love to eat. Why not try and getting an idea of this and making this with him? It is bound to turn into a great day and a memorable experience for you both.

Father’s day usually arrives at the peak grilling season and during this time, a lot of Dad’s actually spend time carrying out their own special cooking methods. This means that alongside spending some quality cooking time with him, you could even get a special grilling gift that he has wanted for quite some time. For example, a branding iron might be great fun for a father that has always loved to grill. The fact that this tool will allow him to mark his name on every piece of meat might be appealing. Getting a smoker box will allow him to obtain that classic smoked meat flavor.

All of these things will be important to him but you need to remember that you’ll have to make this day all about him. Make him feel like that most special Dad and I’m sure you’ll be overjoyed after seeing the happiness on his face. Father’s day is just a few days away so let’s not waste any more time and get started with all that planning.

Start making a checklist and write down what he loves to do best and do everything to make it possible. But just remember that you must be there with him to make it an unforgettable day for him.