When it comes to this, most of us are quite fussy about the brewing method we adopt.

While some people end up using a normal drip machine that has filters, achieving superior quality and taste can be made possible using the best French press!

You see, this type of coffee maker holds many advantages when compared to the standard drip machine! While, some of these points are discussed in detail below, the bottom line is that if you’ve never tried this before, prepare to be wowed!

The first step you need to take is to find the best French press coffee maker available. These can be extremely affordable and definitely worth trying. However, due to the sheer number of products available, you may find it quite challenging to find the right one.

As a result of this, our entire team has carried out extensive research to find the top 10 highest quality sets that’d be worth buying. Some of these have been reviewed in detail and compared to one another to help you find the best model. During this process, great focus has been placed to find products associated with a top price-performance ratio.

French Press Coffee Maker Reviews

1. Frieling Polished 18/10

If you’re looking for a premium product and are willing to spend big for it then you won’t go wrong with this Frieling coffee press. As soon as you check this out, you’ll sense a real element of quality.

The polished stainless steel has a mirror finish that looks quite sleek. In addition to this, the steel is a sturdier option to glass plungers that can sometimes be prone to damage. We certainly found it to be beautiful looking, well made and extremely durable to handle.

When it comes to performance, this is where the press was most impressive. The brewing process was easy to conduct and the coffee was ready within minutes and boy was it tasty! This French pot really allowed me to taste every little bit of flavor of the coffee bean, which is exactly what you want when using a French press!

In addition to this, the design is double-walled and is well insulated. This means that it retains heat far better than a glass model. I noticed how my tea and coffee remained hot for longer than I’d previously experienced.

After we were done, it came down to cleaning up. In this situation, the positive aspect of this particular model was that all the parts could be disassembled and placed in the dishwasher.

After evaluating all the factors, we felt that this Frieling was excellent and everything about it oozed quality. Frieling as a brand are terrific too – the reputation of their customer service is famous amongst their existing customers!

In overview, this is a fantastic coffee press and received a near-perfect score from us. Though the price is quite high, you shouldn’t consider any other model if you can afford this one. It’s bound to last a long time and if anything goes wrong then Frieling are usually quick to lend a helping hand!

2. KONA 34 Oz French Pot

When compared to the Frieling unit we’ve just talked about, the KONA French pot couldn’t be any more different.

This is mainly made from a combination of glass and plastic. While this is inferior to stainless steel, it’s worth pointing out that this will cost you around four times less than the Frieling model. This alone is sufficient for some and is a convincing factor for most.

In fairness, this is a very simple French press and one that goes about its task without causing any problems. Despite the lack of stainless steel, the set still looks relatively attractive and you certainly won’t be ashamed to serve your guests with this pitcher. I actually liked the design as the plastic handle provided good support and the overall piece looked quite elegant.

The product also features clear borosilicate glass that looks and feels quite sturdy. This means that just because there is glass involved, you shouldn’t be afraid of it breaking. The best thing to do is to take the necessary precautions as you normally would when dealing with extremely hot coffee.

As mentioned above, the glass is quite thick and combines well with the outer shell to provide a little bit of insulation. While this will be nowhere near as good as the Frieling model at retaining heat, it should be sufficient for most average users!

In terms of brewing, I found this affordable press to be quite effective. At the end of the process, we were still left with delicious-tasting coffee. On top of this, we didn’t experience any sediment at the bottom, which is always a good sign.

Most average users look for a good value when buying an product like this. This is a factor where this particular model excels. When it comes to the price-performance value, you’re probably looking at the best French press on the market!

3. SterlingPro 8 Cup/4 Mug

Our third favorite product was made by Sterling Pro and is currently priced at the similar level of the KONA carafe above.

With this model, Sterling Pro has focused on a design that prevents grounds in your coffee. In order to minimize these, they have designed a double screen system. The second screen aims to catch and remove any tiny grounds that have managed to pass through the first screen. As a result of this, you’ll be able to make an incredibly smooth cup of coffee! I do think that this works quite efficiently and we do get a really great-tasting cup of coffee bursting with robust and rich flavor!

When it comes to looks, this French pot is fairly attractive. Even though it’s made from glass, I quite liked the finish. The borosilicate glass is heat-resistant and seems to be quite durable too though this won’t match a carafe made from stainless steel.

After testing this model for quite a bit of time, the general feeling was that this was very easy to use and certainly very easy to clean. This is a high quality carafe and one that is available for a relatively cheap price tag.

4. SterlingPro Double Wall

This SterlingPro product isn’t made from glass. In fact, it’s a stainless steel French press for a modest price. It looks quite good but not as good as the polished Frieling press discussed above though this is considerable cheaper!

I certainly found it more appealing than your typical glass carafes. This would also be more durable and last longer than damage-prone glass French pots!

This model has a double walled structure, which aims to retain heat for as long as possible. This will ensure that your drink is kept warm. In addition to this, the exterior is cool to touch so there won’t be any chance of burning yourself! The steel handle also feels very solid!

Just like the previous SterlingPro model above, this one also includes two screens. The main aim of this structural feature is to prevent the entry of any sediment into our coffee. This will ultimately lead to the creation of a cup of delicious smooth coffee that is abundant with the natural smell and flavor of the coffee bean!

In overview, this is a high-quality well-rounded product! It is durable, makes great coffee and is also very easy to clean!

5. Bodum Chambord 8 Cup

The Bodum Chambord cafetiere looks highly attractive due to the unique design and effective combination of glass, stainless steel and plastic. I think this piece should fit in really well with the rest of your kitchen appliances and décor.

When handling the product, you can clearly notice the durability. The borosilicate glass feels quite thick and the rest of the pieces seem to have been put together quite well. Despite this, glass will be glass and there’s a higher chance of damage when compared to a stainless steel model.

This carafe utilizes a 3-part filter that will ensure that the best flavor of the bean is instilled into the drink. The standards would be pleasant for the greatest of coffee enthusiasts. The best part about all of this is that the preparation is simple to carry out and the total time to prepare this is only a couple of minutes!

Alongside great taste, another massive advantage of this cafetiere is the price, which will be affordable for most of us. It is also relatively simple to clean as all the parts can be placed in the dishwasher!

However, in addition to some terrific positive points, we also came across one main disadvantage. We noticed that there wasn’t a noticeable heating element incorporated into the design. As a consequence, there won’t be much heat retention when the drink is in the press!

Regardless of this, you’re looking at a high quality press for a very good price.

The Purpose of French Presses 

Before being introduced to this, most people have never even heard of this method of brewing. However, it’s actually quite a common method used by coffee enthusiasts. Certainly, it’s thought to be the best way to get all the delicate flavors of the coffee bean.

During the preparation, you need to buy (or manually grind) coarse ground coffee. This needs to be placed into the French pot with hot water added on top. This ultimately leads to extremely rich taste when compared to the typical drip coffee makers that we normally use. The rich taste is mainly due to the fact that hot water immerses all of the grounds and not all of the oils from this are filtered. When you’re at this stage you need to wait for a few minutes (typically around 4 minutes) following which you’ll need to slowly press down the plunger. The end-result is a terrific tasting coffee that is full of flavor.

There are several advantages held by the best quality French press over a traditional machine:

During the brewing process, the bean needs to be heated at a specific temperature in order to get the best flavors. A French pot allows for the best possible technique as the water is heated separately. This can be heated to a specific temperature before coming into contact with the grounds. There’s a lot of flexibility involved as you can adjust the temperature to get more or less flavor according to your own requirements!

The strength of the flavor also depends on the duration of time that the grounds are in contact with water with the optimum time being around 4 minutes. Obviously, you can increase/decrease this according to your own preferences.

It’s often said that the best flavor from the coffee is contained in oils in the grounds. The form of brewing ensures that there are no filters that remove these grounds. As a consequence, you’re left with a very rich and flavorful cup of coffee!


There are a lot of coffee enthusiasts that will advise you to go for the best French press! They believe that this brewing method provides a far greater accuracy and all the flavorful oils are intact in the final cup that you make.

As a result of this, our team has carried out extensive research to find a high quality coffee French pot. We have reviewed our top five models and recommended another five to make up our top ten list. All of these products are associated with excellent overall quality and will provide you with a great value for money!