As the name would suggest, these are no ordinary speakers. To be honest, it’s quite difficult to perfectly describe the functionality aspect of these.

Essentially, this functionality is set in sync with music. This means that you’ll be witnessing fountain speakers that perform in co-ordination with water, colorful LED lights and music.

Before buying this kind of product, it’s essential that we go through the associated advantages and disadvantages alongside the factors to consider before making the purchase.

While this can be discussed a little bit later, it’s important to acknowledge that not many people have knowledge when it comes to buying these. This means that not many people would be aware of the overall quality and which speakers to go for.

Our team aims to solve this by reviewing 5 of the best-rated products that we believe are associated with top quality and a top value. We have narrowed these down from a long list of products that consisted of almost every model available on the market in 2016!

Here’s what we thought of our favorite picks!

Dancing Water Speakers Reviews

1. Sharper Image SBT5002

The Sharper Image SBT002 is a highly impressive pair of dancing speakers. This utilizes Bluetooth 4.0 technology that ensures that the connection is established quickly and without any issues.

When it comes to sound quality, I believe that this is an area where this model beats every other product on the list. The SBT5002s are quite small but pack a huge punch when you listen to them. It comes with a separate subwoofer and unexpectedly; this ensured that the lower frequencies were incredible to listen to. The sound quality really was a big surprise and absolutely excellent! To be honest, I’d consider this product to be a full on sound system than just a pair of speakers with water shooting up and down!

The SBT5002s come in a unique cone-shaped design and will definitely look great anywhere you put them in your home. As mentioned above, the size is quite small so it doesn’t take up that much space, another underrated advantage of such speakers. The lights and water combination is highly appealing to the eye and perform perfectly in sequence with the music. I found the light show to be excellent!

In other areas, these dancing water speakers are easy to set up and very easy to use. It will cost a little bit more than most of the other products on the list but in my opinion this is totally worth it due to the superior sound quality.

2. Svance Portable Bluetooth Water Dancing Speaker

When compared to the SoundSOUL model above, this Svance unit comes as a single speaker. Despite this, I’d associate it with top quality. It might look tiny in the images but it comes in a good size and looks really nice. I do think the size is big/quite large when compared to other similar speakers. This is a compliment rather than a disadvantage. In my opinion, it’s probably the best-looking product that we came across, as the design is very unique.

We were also very impressed with the performance. The way the water shot up was great and this worked perfectly with 6 colored lights. The visual effects of the lighting were particularly a great sight to witness. If you use these while watching a movie for example, I doubt you’ll actually be paying attention to the movie itself!

Regarding other features, I found the build quality to be superb. It definitely seems like high quality material has been used to construct this model.

The sound quality was great and quite clear. This Svance speaker can play very loudly too. Another aspect that was superior with this model was the battery life. This will usually allow you to play music for over 6 hours, which is a significant upgrade to the SoundSOUL speakers above.

There are several other advantages of this model that allow it to be one of the best water speakers on the market in 2016. For example, we do get a nice carry bag that will keep the product protected when not in use. Additionally, there is a SD card slot at the back and you can use this to play your music directly.

I felt that the overall quality was superb as there wasn’t any particular flaw that we noticed. The wireless function was effective, the sound and the design aspects were excellent while the price was very affordable indeed!

3. SoundSOUL Dancing Music Fountain 5th Generation

This model is the latest created by SoundSOUL. But to be honest, it looks and performs very similarly to the older versions. Perhaps, the main difference (and probably advantage) of this version is that it has a wireless feature. This means that you’ll easily be able to play any music using Bluetooth on your smartphone or laptop without experiencing the usual hassle associated with wires. The technology used is Bluetooth 4.0 and this ensures that the connection is established much quicker than other wireless speakers. If you’re not too keen on using this feature, you can always make the connection with an AUX cable.

In terms of aesthetics, these speakers are quite visually appealing. But I was most impressed with the way the water jets up in co-ordination to the music. The sequence was accurate and combined perfectly with the LED lights. Within the product, there are 4 different lights, all of which are multi-colored. You can also increase or decrease the volume and the fountain effect will be stronger/weaker according to this.

In terms of the build quality, we felt that this model was good but nothing special. By this I mean that it won’t be particularly sturdy.

Similarly, the sound quality was average but it was still quite crisp and relatively clear. Despite this, I doubt people actually buy these types of speakers for the sound quality. In fairness, these products are purchased for their special waterfall/fountain visual effects rather than the sound.

In terms of the battery, I thought that this was okay and you’ll be able to listen to music for two to three hours. This isn’t something that impressed me but you can always recharge the battery and start the music again.

This SoundSOUL model is modestly priced so I wasn’t expecting anything incredible. However, for the price, the overall quality did impress me and I’d have no qualms in recommending these as one of the best water speakers in terms of value and performance.

4. Rebelite Aura v1

The Rebelite Aura v1 is a model that has a very similar design to the Sharper Image SBT5002. However, this model can’t be associated with a similar level of quality and performance. After all, it is a lot cheaper!

It has a wireless function that is quite efficient but that’s a norm when looking at these types of water light speakers. You can start playing the music straight away by connecting these wirelessly with your iPhone or any other smartphone.

Like the previous products we’ve spoken about, the Aura v1 water speakers perform on a similar level due to the stunning water show. The water pulses accurately with the beat and in a way that you can truly appreciate. However, this model isn’t as loud as you’d expect or want. In addition to this, if you raise the volume at too high a level on your music device, the distortion will drive you nuts. That was the main drawback that we noticed with the Aura v1. Other than this, everything else was good but not quite amazing.

The design is quite eye catching whilst the fountain effect is brilliant. The product is very easy to set up and simple to use. On top of this, it’s quite cheap and certainly the most affordable one to choose from the 5 on our list.

5. SoundSOUL Dancing Music Fountain 4th Generation

This SoundSOUL model is very similar to the latest generation model that we spoke about earlier. However, this is a bit cheaper due to the lack of a Bluetooth function. Obviously, this is something that we’d consider to be a big disadvantage as the wires can tangle and cause a lot of hassle. In my opinion, it’s worth spending a little bit more and getting the wireless version.

Other than that, we’re looking at a pair of water speakers associated with very good quality. These have 4 different multi-colored led lights through which you’ll be able to witness water jets squirting up and down when the music is played. This leads to a terrific water show or fountain or waterfall or whatever you want to call it.

The sound quality associated with this light up dancing fountain is quite good but falls way short of being excellent. But this should be sufficient for someone who isn’t an audio enthusiast.

One main advantage of this particular model is that there are several colors to choose from. This means that you could get whichever color you or your child needs and even make the decision based on the décor of the room you’ll be keeping these.

In general, the product is extremely simple to set up and use. And considering the fact that the price is so low, this might be an excellent and cost-effective purchase for you. BUT only if you’re willing to cope with the wires!

Factors to Consider Before Buying Water Dancing Speakers

Whether it is for themselves or for their children, a lot of people buy these due to the incredible visual effects created by the combination of an almost waterfall-like motion and colorful LED lights.

Witnessing these speakers in action will instantly instill a little bit of happiness in you. Well, I was certainly mesmerized when I listened to music through these for the first time.

The impressive function of these products is all well and good but how can you ensure that you’ve selected the very best model? Well, the reviews of the top 5 models should do well to help you. However, some of the best products may not be suitable for certain individuals. What you need to do is consider some other factors in addition to the reviews in order to make the best possible buying decision.

The first of these is the cost of the best water speakers. While most models are priced at similar levels, there are some that are cheaper and others that are a bit more costly. To be honest, this doesn’t usually impact the quality. It really depends on which model is your favorite and which one is more visually appealing to you personally. At the end of the day though, you’ll need to buy a product that fits your budget.

While some models are available as a single unit, some products are available in multiple pieces – usually pairs. You need to decide if you’re okay with a single unit or if you need a pair with each unit taking it’s place on either side of a desktop for example.

Another important factor or feature to consider is the wireless Bluetooth feature. Some light speakers are available with a wireless feature that will allow you to use them with Bluetooth on your smartphone. However, some models are wired and may cause a little bit of hassle. The wired models can be a little bit cheaper but you can easily find a wireless model for a similar price.

It’s essential that you take account of some of these factors to ensure that no mistakes are made and your final decision is one that you don’t regret in the future! The detailed reviews of the individual led speakers should allow you to do this!

Final Words 

After reading the reviews and considering some of the factors above, hopefully you’re ready to come to a decision. To be honest, buying the best water speakers should be a simple decision for you after reading this guide.

I say this because you know the quality of all the top models. Most of them are very reasonably priced and have similar performance levels in terms of the dancing water show. However, they do differ somewhat in terms of the sound quality and the actual design.

When it comes to the design, the model that impressed us the most was the Svance portable speaker. The design of this is excellent and is built very uniquely. It’s also associated with great overall quality.

When it comes to the sound quality however, by far the most superior model was the Sharper Image SBT5002. This was probably the best pair to buy but it is a bit more expensive and so may not suit everyone.

Despite this, it’s important to note that all of the top 5 products are associated with superb value and perform greatly in their own right. Most people will be buying these for their children and I guarantee that your children will be just as mesmerized by the led light fountain effect as you!