We all know that deep fryers have been used for such a long time that not many people can move on from these. They contribute to the tastiest food type there probably ever exists. These fried foods have become an integral part of our lifestyle. From adults to children, you won’t find many that will pass up on the opportunity to eat delicious fried chicken or crispy golden French fries.

While this fried food is incredibly tasty, it is the single biggest contributor to cardiovascular disease and obesity in the US and all around the world. But what can we do because we still need to do eat fried food. Swapping this food type with green vegetables is a tough task and I completely agree.

Until now, there hasn’t been any kitchen appliance that can produce similar yet healthier results when compared to a deep fryer. In recent years, the air fryer has been gaining a lot of popularity due to this effect.

But, how do both of these appliances compare?

The Real Question: Air Fryer VS Deep Fryer

When it comes to exterior features, both of these machines are very similar. They have the same appearance and include things like a digital control panel, timer and temperature control. However, the deep fryer also has an oil tank while the air fryer just has a compartment to put the food in.

In terms of the size and capacity, the deep fryer will be far bigger. As a consequence, you’ll need to run the air fryer a couple of times in order to make the same amount of food as the deep fryer.

While, these comparison points are essential to think about, the biggest difference is the results both machines achieve. We all know that deep fryers have an oil tank and need quite a lot of oil to be able to produce that crispy chicken and the heavenly aroma associated with it. In comparison, an air fryer doesn’t have this feature. As a matter of fact, this machine is supposed to be a healthy alternative to the deep fryer in the sense that it doesn’t use up any oil.

Yes, you may need to brush some oil on homemade chicken in order to achieve similar results. However, this doesn’t have to be drenched in oil like in the deep fryer.

If you’ve ever made French fries at home then it is highly likely that you’ve bought a pre-cooked pack from your local supermarket. These French fries are already oiled before being frozen. When cooked in the deep fryer, you will still need to throw these into a lot of oil in order to fry them properly. In comparison, you won’t need to use any oil if you want to cook them in the air fryer. In this case, as they’ve already been pre-prepared, you won’t even need to brush some oil on them.

The truth is that I’ve been very impressed with the results of the air fryer. While this will definitely not be completely identical to the results of the deep fryer, it is relatively similar and much healthier, which is the important thing for me. This is because the air fryer uses hot water and rapid air technology to cook the food instead of oil.

I think you’ll agree that this will be a much healthier alternative to the traditional deep fryer. Cutting out the oil almost completely from your fried foods will completely transform you and your lifestyle. You will not only begin to lose weight but also significantly reduce the risk of heart disease. This is something that we are likely to suffer from if we love our fried foods.

There are a lot of advantages provided by the air fryer when compared to the deep fryer. It is a lot easier to clean this machine because all of the parts are usually dishwasher safe and the lack of oil leaves the appliance relatively clean. The deep fryer on the other hand will have oil build up on the walls of your décor and the appliance itself. As a consequence, this would create a lot more mess.

Furthermore, there are also some safety benefits, as you’re not going to be dealing with hot oil. While an air fryer does get hot, this doesn’t compare to standing in front of hot oil that can splash and burn your skin on a completely different level.

An Air fryer is an oil less fryer and it also serves multiple purposes in terms of the types of food you can cook. While you can easily make fried foods, you can also bake, grill and roast foods due to the hot air technology. This provides a massive advantage because you won’t need your kitchen counter to be full of different appliances for different tasks. You’ll only need an air fryer in order to carry out various different cooking tasks.

When it comes to cooking time, the deep fryer obviously holds the advantage. The heat of the oil is transferred to the food with incredible speed. This means that foods can be fried within 15 minutes. In comparison, air fryers do take a little bit longer and you’d expect the task to be completed within 20 to 25 minutes max. However, what I would say is that if you’re making a small amount of food, this would be ideal to cook in the air fryer. This will use less electricity and create less of a mess when compared to the deep fryer.

So, Which One should I go for? 

When comparing both of these kitchen appliances, it easy to note that both of them are associated with separate advantages and disadvantages. However, on the face of it, the air fryer probably wins fairly easily for me.

This is because I value the taste and my health the most from everything else. While the taste isn’t similar to proper fried foods, this is still similar and without the taste of oil that has been absorbed into the food. I love the fact that this food is actually not unhealthy (when eaten in moderation of course).

I also love the fact that the air fryer is extremely flexible in terms of the foods it can make. It also creates less of a mess and is extremely easy to use!